WE MAKE GOOD LIFE POSSIBLE is the main purpose of Patra Porcelain existing in business world.  Patra Porcelain strongly believes that good life starts at dining table and as a tableware leading manufacture, we are well aware that everything on the table is important.  Not just the food but also the art of table setting and of course the tableware.

Patra Porcelain is the leading manufacturer of porcelain tableware in Thailand.  We’ve been unveiling beautiful porcelain tableware since 1992.  The company designs, manufactures and market under the international recognized name of PATRA which is an extensive line of high quality tableware.  Its manufacturing facility and distribution networks enable Patra to provide a high level of service to all of its end users for porcelain tableware.  Beyond sales in Thailand and neighboring countries, Patra Porcelain exports its products to many countries around the world.

The super whiteness, remarkable durability and silky smooth glaze surface are dramatically incorporated in the quality control system of Patra to “delivery the perfection to the customers”. 

Our goal is to generate enthusiasm among our customers by delivering high quality and innovative design products at affordable prices.  In this endeavor, Patra Porcelain has every confidence in our skilled and motivated workforce, our highly efficient process and the strength of our unique range of products.  By pooling our resources, experience and expertise, we intend to expand on the profitability so essential to continue growth and create value added for our customers.   This will enable us not only to maintain but also to enhance our robust brand identity.   Our favorable position in the markets and broad range of products allow us to be in an excellent position to extend our activities into growth markets.

Patra Fine Porcelain you’ll find simply irresistible!