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Honour Collection – Press Conference Event

Bangkok, January 25, 2022: PATRA Porcelain Co, Thailand’s leading manufacturer of high-end international quality porcelain and bone china tableware, has released “Honour”, a collection of tableware designed specifically for senior citizens and people with physical limitations. With over four years of research and development, Honour is aimed at helping the elderly enjoy happier living in their day-to-day lives. 

“Thailand is rapidly reaching an ‘aging society’ so we must ensure our readiness to strengthen and develop ways for the elderly to have a better quality of life,” said Raymond Han, Deputy Managing Director of Patra Porcelain Co Ltd. “Social attitudes towards the elderly are one of the important factors, and we should look at the elderly and see their potential. However, in order to reach that point, we must assist these seniors to build confidence in themselves by providing them with support, through technology and utilitiesas well as their daily necessities, so they can be proud that they can take care of themselves. This is the reason we created Honour.”

PATRA started out from the assumption that eating is one of the basic daily routines that we should all be able to do for ourselves, while enjoying the food. Yet with increasing age the elderly have to face with various physical limitations, and can have difficultieswith such everyday activities as picking up cups, dishes and utensils. 

Age-related illnesses decrease the appetite, and when simple movements become a hurdle, and eating becomes an ordeal, there can be difficulties in consuming sufficient food to maintain a healthy diet. 

PATRA’s research first set out to identify the sources of physical limitations, whether by visual impairment, dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and general muscle weakness that also contributes to loss of appetite. These conditions gravely affect the senior’s mental state, affecting self-confidence and pride knowing that they have to rely on others to go about their daily business.

“We looked at the choice in the market for this kind of product, and found there was very little available,” said Raymond. “PATRA has a long experience of blending production technologies with design, and we felt that we could create a quality product that would be highly beneficial to the elderly. This is very much in line with our brand tagline: ‘We make good life possible’.”

The Honour tableware design has been based on calculations made around mobility issues and also storage, as the plates are stackable and fit easily into a confined space or onto a trolley. Each container holds an appropriate portion size for an elderly person, with a spill-proof feature and easy-to-clean material. Containers can also be used with a microwave oven. 

Honour will be available in March 2022 at leading department stores. For corporate customers, please contact

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