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PATRA celebrates 40th Anniversary with the launch of Siam Collection

Pride of Thai heritage & spreading Thainess Internationally

Bangkok, April 1, 2022: 

PATRA announced its newest collection named SIAM, released on the occasion of the brand’s 40th anniversary. Proclaiming the beauty of Thai arts and culture in its delicate designed tableware, the brand wants to usher Thainess to the rest of the world.

Thai food has long been gaining worldwide acceptance and increasingly been position as a delicacy serving in top grade world class hotels and restaurants. A specially designed tableware would hence do justice to the cuisine that it truly deserves.

“The distinctiveness of Thainess is its incredible charm. We can sense its uniqueness once we step into this beautiful country,” says Raymond Han, Managing Director. “All foreigners would be fascinated by Thailand’s rich culture and arts and which all Thai people can be very proud off, and I wish everyone all over the world to experience the same magnificence wherever they are. That is how the Siam collection began.”

“Whenever we speak of Thailand, we immediately think of Thai food, the warmth of the Thai people, as well as all the amazing experiences that are unique to this extraordinary Kingdom. It is timely that we further elevate this exquisite cuisine, along with top Thai chefs and restaurants thereby spreading Thainess to every corner of the world” he added.

This Siam collection launch would set tone for many decades to come and is something PATRA wants to own together with all Thai people to be the pride of Thailand. Whether you are in Thailand or USA or Singapore, you would still be able to feel the Thainess.

With the intention of perpetuating this collection, making it the icon of Thai tableware, the first series features patterns and designs inspired by garland craftsmanship and the creation of Thai handicrafts from fresh flowers, traditions that date back to antiquity and have been passed down to the present day both at royal ceremonies and in common use in ordinary people’s daily lives. 

“The various patterns that are generated necessitated a high level of sophistication and meticulousness, starting with the drafting process and sample creation and continuing until it has become a piece of work that we are absolutely proud of.” says Raymond

To further distinguish it out, a distinct logo barring the word SIAM was specially created. Written in sanskrit writing using the kranok pattern and the auspicious dangchad colour. 

The Siam collection is also intended to demonstrate the way in which Thailand’s ancient heritage can be adapted into PATRA’s technological excellence for international standard quality tableware.

“PATRA employs well trained specialists in design and production, ergonomics, artwork, and modern technology that is required to produce the highest quality bone china and porcelain,” he says. “We want people around the world to see a beautiful blend of Thai-inspired elements combine to create a masterpiece on the dining table.” 

With this much awaited launch, we envisage it to be the Pride of PATRA as much as the Pride of Thailand for many decades and generations to come.

The first series in the Siam collection will be available in May 2022, with other series to follow. For additional information, call +662 651 5625 or visit the collection at

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